At San Domenico, saying family is not simply a matter of blood. It is sharing a style, a tradition that is never a point in the past, but a solid foundation on which to continue creating to invent, to harmonise symphonies of taste and passion.
San Domenico is a place where we grow, where we work together day after day to introduce and appreciate the best of Emilia-Romagna cuisine, where every action shares the same passion and care for the well-being of guests. Where everyone, from the chef to the waiter, can express the best of themselves every day in what they do and continue to carry on a story that began 50 years ago with Morini’s brilliant intuition.


Today, Massimiliano Mascia, Valentino’s grandson, represents the new generation of the restaurant as well as a sign of continuity in innovating and renewing, while at the same time preserving solid roots in the Italian gastronomic tradition.
His journey began when he was only 14 years old: for five years, up to his hotel-management high-school diploma, he alternated his presence in the kitchen with his studies and, after finishing school, he began his travels with the aim of expanding his knowledge of raw materials, techniques and flavours. In the United States, he understood the importance of work organisation. In France, he deepened his cooking technique and perceived the great value of gastronomic history and culture. In Italy, he carefully studied raw materials, ingredients that are unequalled in the world in terms of quality.
From his CV, we mention in particular his Italian experiences at the Vissani Restaurant and the Romano Restaurant in Viareggio, his American experience at Osteria Fiamma in New York and his French experiences first at Bastide Saint Antoine and finally in Paris at the court of the multi-starred Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athenée.


Natale has been representing the hospitality of San Domenico since 7th March 1970. The customer becomes a guest and his task is to turn a lunch or dinner into an all-round experience without being limited to the dish.

Giacomo, with his friendliness and professionalism, inherits the know-how of the great Italian halls, sewing a perfect suit to the needs of each guest to make the experience unique and magical.

Francesco Cioria

Francesco is a sommelier ‘profiler’ who makes an art of his work. In his work at San Domenico, wines must accompany and enhance the dishes, but not only: they must mirror the diners’ temperament and desires.
At the age of 30, Francesco Cioria already has a successful career behind him. Born in Vallata (Avellino), after his hotel-management high-school diploma he racked up experience in Italy and abroad: in Rome, at the 5-star hotel La Posta vecchia, in London at the Michelin-starred restaurant Semplice and at Searcys.
Between 2011 and 2012, he was at San Domenico for an internship and at the same time completed the course to become an AIS sommelier.
At the end of 2012 in Australia, he participated in the opening of restaurants in Brisbane and Sidney. At the end of 2014, he returned to San Domenico.
In 2016, he was named ‘Best Sommelier of Italy’ in the Best Italian Wine Awards.
In 2018, he was awarded the special ‘Dire fare sognare’ award promoted by Partesa (Heineken Italia group) and was given the title of ‘Champagne Ambassador’ by the Comité Champagne.


Giovanni Mattina, Head Pastry Chef

Helena Pasi, Pastry

Samuele Mazzocchetti, First courses

Soky Dhabi, Waitress

Leandro Spitaleri, Fish

Lucia Mansueto, Waitress

Lorenzo Di Pofi, Meats

Barbara Barnabà, Administration

Gabriele Macchia, Starters

Dragiza Zivanovic,