The cellars of the San Domenico Restaurant were built over five hundred years ago by the Dominican friars, but they also preserve unmistakable traces of older eras, such as Roman road trachytes.
Today, real treasures of national and international oenology are jealously guarded inside: they contain more than 2,400 labels and over 15,000 bottles. Thousands of bottles of rare and precious vintages, the greatest crus of Italy and France. But also fine distillates, able to amaze enthusiasts and experts alike. In other words, an oenological offer that makes San Domenico one of the most beautiful wine cellars in Italy.


An oak table, custom-built by skilled craftsmen and set with fine Missoni fabrics, can be reserved to celebrate special occasions, as well as wine tastings and vertical tastings of old vintages.

Special event

On anniversaries or special occasions to be celebrated with loved ones, the wine cellar is a private place that knows how to leave you open-mouthed.

Dinners and tastings

With a maximum of 10 places, reserving the wine cellar for dinners, tastings and vertical tastings of old vintages means combining quality food and wine with an evocative place.

Unique collections

In the cellar, Morini has collected with love and dedication the best he could find on the market, with the aim of matching wines with dishes to enhance their taste and flavour. A cellar that continues to grow in prestige, and which can offer its guests truly unique labels.